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About us

Millennium Global Events is one of the leading and top event management companies in Delhi, Delhi/NCR (Noida, Gurgaon). Being one of the top event management companies in Delhi, Millennium Global Events brings value to each and every companies/brands that it works for.

As Millennium Global Events is recognized as one of the top event management companies in Delhi and Delhi-NCR, we specialize in all types of events, i.e., ranging from small scale events to big scale events. Our specialty lies in almost all major types of events like exhibitions, conferences, corporate meetings, corporate parties, product launches, book launches, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, private parties etc.

At Millennium Global Events, we believe that life’s greatest moments are meant to be cherished forever and should be grandeur. Our highly professional team ensures that each event is uniquely designed to reflect and accentuate its identity to carry it forward to another level. We offer customized event management services with taking care of each stages - design, conception, execution and closing – of every project with equal rigor and enthusiasm.

We work with the clients closely to understand their needs and message they want to communicate in a creative way that will help to mark a great success. An event’s company reputation depends on ensuring the fun, fulfilling the needs of the clients while keeping the atmosphere generous and safe. We plan, execute and conceive all the arrangements whether it is event planning, invitation, registration, publicity or creating awareness. It is not easy for any event company to become most preferred and professional event companies in a competitive place like Delhi, Delhi-NCR. Millennium Global Events has been recognized as one of the best and top event management companies in Delhi, Delhi-NCR.

We have a strong and experienced team which always tries to maximize your return on investment by offering you the best of event services. We have strong team of event production, visualizer, hostesses, direction, planning, videographers, photographers, and so on.

Millennium Global Events is a part and sister concern of Millennium PR.